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Caciocavallo dolce

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Caciocavallo dolce – ‘cheese on horse-back is a typical cow’s milk cheese from southern Italy, a type of stretched-cured cheese ( like mozzarella ) which helps preserve the cheese for longer. We selected our Cacciocavallo from artisan cheese makers based in Molise. Similar to mozzarella, this cheese works well when melted, and becomes slightly stringy when done so.

Caciocavallo is firm, mild in flavour and smooth in texture. Versatile in many type of cooking, a firm favourite for slicing (like an apple) for panini, incredible grilled or melted in baking.

200g, or whole cheese.

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A Recipe For You: Caciocavallo all’Argentiera

This is a recipe that will turn a simple dinner into something very delicious.
Using Cacciocavallo, ‘cheese on horse-back  is a typical cow’s milk cheese from southern  Italy, a type of stretched-cured cheese ( like mozzarella )
You need very few ingredients, and it’s very fast to prepare.

INGREDIENTS (2 people):

• 200 g caciocavallo cheese, semistagionato,  slices of about 1 cm thick
• extra virgin olive oil
• white wine vinegar
• 2 anchovies, salt cured (or 4 fillets if kept in olive oil)
• dried oregano
• 1 clove of garlic
• some flour

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  1. Cut the cheese, then pass it in some flour, not too much.
  2. Take a pan, better if in iron/cast iron, and heat some extra virgin olive oil, then add the crushed garlic.
  3. Meanwhile take a small glass and add 2 fingers of extra virgin olive oil and 2 fingers of white wine vinegar . Add also the dried oregano and mix.
  4. Now remove the garlic and add the slices of caciocavallo in the pan, at medium heat. Cook for few minutes until there is some crust on the bottom. Then turn it on the other side. It will be crunchy outside and softer in the middle.
  5. When it’s ready place the cheese in your dishes, then set the heat higher and add the extra virgin olive oil, vinegar and oregano mixture. Cook until reduced (1 minute probably is enough), and then pour it over the caciocavallo cheese.
  6. Add the anchovies on top, Pronto!

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