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Meat and Cheese Platter

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Bring to your table a complete Italian platter. With Prosciutto Toscano, Fennel salame, Pecorino, Gorgonzola and Toma, everyone will be satisfy.

  • Prosciutto Toscano (matured cured prosciutto, peppery and salty)
  • Finocchiona Toscana IGP (smooth Tuscan Fennel salame)
  • Pecorino Durgali (hard sheep’s milk)
  • Toma Maccagno (semi-hard un-paserized cow’s milk cheese)
  • Gorgonzola Piccante D.O.P. (semi-soft blue cheese)

All the cheeses will be freshly hand cut and each slice will be around 200g.
All the Charcuterie will be freshly sliced and wrapped in our special paper in proper Italian style! Min 180g each product.

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£28.50 inc. VAT

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A chance to create your very own Italian experience right at your own dinner table with the Mercato Italiano Cheese & Meat platter.

The cheese board that hosts a spectrum of tastes – a hard sheep’s cheese (Pecorino Durgali), a smooth, semi-hard un-pasteurised cow’s cheese (Toma Maccagno) and topped off with a strong semi soft blue cow’s cheese (Gorgonzola Piccante D.O.P.).

For the charcuterie board, we have the classic Prosciutto Toscano, which is a peppery and salty matured cured meat; alongside the smooth Tuscan Finocchiona Toscana IGP, a flavoursome salami with fennel.

This serving platter covers a range of true Italian flavours and is bound to transport you to Italy – wherever you are in the UK!

All the cheeses are freshly cut, each weighing in at around 200g.

The charcuterie is freshly sliced and wrapped in authentic Italian paper (min. 180g per product).


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